Workout Ideas for the Busy Bee

Daily tasks like errands, work, and overall life can keep us from our fitness routines. Finding time to "do you" (yet alone time in the gym) is difficult…and can get expensive too!

In reality, there will always be reasons not to exercise. The good news is there is a solution to achieve goals and get real results - no matter how packed your calendar is. Here are some of our favorite ways to work out AND ways they can be done gym-free for the busy bee!

The "Guesswork Free" 30-minute Workout

If you have 30 minutes OR less, make the best of your workout and hit. it. hard. These fast pace workouts were designed to burn calories and sculpt your body in the nick of time. Get yourself beach body ready with these high-octane workout programs:

1. P90X3: This 30-minute at-home program mashes up plyometrics (jump training) with other well-rounded workouts that keep you on your toes, but has modification for all fitness levels! Stream it on your computer or pop in the DVD and follow along all in the comforts of home (or hotel room!).

2. Focus T25: This program provides delivers hard core workouts, all in JUST 25 MINUTES per day! With two cycles, Alpha and Beta, you'll burn calories, build the foundation for body fitness, and work on strength and resistance training that doesn’t require any weightlifting. Nice!

3. 22 Minute Hard Corps: Inspired by the military, these workouts are quick, but intense! Each body drill is crafted to get you “boot camp” ready in no time. Up for the challenge? :)

The Office Workout

If you're spending 8 to 9 hours sitting at your desk, you could be losing precious workout time. Being seated for long periods of time can cause havoc on your spine by compressing it. It can also trigger painful leg cramps, which are no fun at all. Maximize your time at the office with these office friendly workouts that you don’t need to rearrange your calendar for!

1. Jog in place for 5 minutes. Kick it up a notch by doing “high knees.”

2. Don’t use the phone and take a stroll around the hallway to speak to your coworker.

Don't Skip The Commercials

So you had a long day and have been dreaming of this moment since you opened your eyes this morning. It’s couch time and the remote as well as a pint of your favorite ice cream is calling your name… resist the temptation and keep the momentum of your day going! When your favorite program breaks for commercial, don’t press fast forward... instead, use the commercial break as your workout timer!

Break out the dumbbells, health ball, or even use the remote itself to do some reps! Try these easy, schedule-friendly on the next commercial break.

1. 25 crunches - they are great for strengthening your core!

2. 15 couch push ups - Face towards the couch. Cross your ankles and place your arms a shoulders width away on the cushions edge. Slowly bend your arms and slowly lower your body until your chest touches the couch.

3. 25 squats - work those legs!


Whether you have 30 minutes in your day or 5 minutes in-between meetings, fitness can always be adapted to your lifestyle. Get focused and get moving!