We love our snacks, but tbh. . . they're really only as good as YOU say they are. We're cool with that :)

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Youtopia Snacks
Polly McCallum
Great snack!

When I first saw Youtopia snacks advertised my interest was caught. I read the ingredients and the nutrition values and decided to try snacks. My first purchase was the variety pack. Each of the three varieties was awesome and fun to eat. The best part, for me, was eating a package as a mid-
morning snack and not being hungry for almost three hours, as well as having plenty of energy. For my job these two qualities are important. Definitely, I will purchase more Youtopia snacks and keep a steady supply in my kitchen drawer.

Youtopia Snacks
Ashley T.
If I could give these 10 stars I would!

If I could give these 10 stars I seriously would. These have become a staple in our home (which is saying something), and is something both the kids and the adults absolutely love (and actually fight over!). All the flavors are delicious, and the fact they’re only 130 calories is the perfect mid-day guilt free snack. I also sometimes have them for breakfast (the Espresso one) or as a “healthy” dessert (the Bananas and Chocolate one). The kids love the honey mustard with their lunches. Overall, this thing limits me at 5 stars, but they’re worthy of so much more!

Helped me lose 50lb!!

Ok, so I’ve settled in and have been eating these snackies for a long while now (~2 years), so here’s my review... my favorite is the espresso flavor and honestly, they’ve helped me lose AND maintain a 50 pound weight loss. High in protein, delicious, easy to travel with, and filling, which checks all of my "boxes". A bonus, if you can call it that, is that my extremely picky 4 year-old loves these.

Seriously the PERFECT snack!

There are seriously the perfect snack! At just 130 calories it's crazy how satisfying they are, and the variety - all of which are absolutely delicious - keeps things interesting. I've bought boxes for both our office and for my house, and they've quickly become the go-to snack for both our office and home. Very happy customer!

Holy snackoly!

Holy snackoly! My husband and I are raising our 10 year old grandson. The three of us have different tastes at different times. This is PERFECT! It's healthy, flavorful, but tastes like the intimate treat. With three different snacks in each pack, it's definitely not boring. Great for the WHOLE family!!!! (All the espresso was eaten when this picture was taken!)

Youtopia Snacks
Aaron Wise
Such a life saver

If you're diabetic, maybe you’ve eaten a sugar free something, and while you’re eating it you know it’s only a matter of time before you’ll never pick it up again. You sit there, having a polite argument in your head, with one side saying surprisingly, “This is pretty good” and the other side dismissively arguing, “Keep telling yourself that.”

I’ve had that experience an un-countable number of times, and if not for Youtopia, I’d be on a stretcher, clutching a jar of Nutella by now. These snacks are simply perfect. I can turn to them at almost anytime and get just enough of a fix to shut that part of my brain up that seems to demand sugar despite the consequences of eating so much as half a Snickers bar.

My only issue at this point is there are only two sweet flavors, so I have to find creative ways to continue to enjoy them. Do I try to get a little of everything with each grab, or do I eat everything but the sunflowers seeds, and then have a little sunflower seed avalanche into my mouth at the end?

Maybe a peanut butter flavor or something like that. But what you have now is perfect. It really is a life saver.

Youtopia Snacks
Alicia heidorn
Absolutely delicious

I ordered the variety pack when I saw Youtopia snacks advertised and I can't tell you how much I love them! The honey mustard one is my favorite! I can't get enough of them!! The nutritional value is great and for only 130 calories it's a great snack. The banana chips and chocolate covered sunflowers seeds my son loves. If I could give 10 stars in would. I really wish they sold in stores. They would fly off shelves and I would definitely buy in bulk. I will be purchasing these again!

Youtopia Snacks
Laurie Schumann
Perfect snack

Perfect snack! I love all of these. I’m ordering more now!

Youtopia Snacks
Diane Mcknight

I really enjoyed the flavors of the various snacks. My personal favorites were the honey mustard and the bananas and chocolate. Everything tasted fresh and was very satisfying.

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John Woods
New YouTopia guy

These are great mid-day snacks. As a Type 1 Diabetic I can break for a package of YouTopia with getting a blood sugar spike!

Youtopia Snacks
Gloria Halvorsen
110% delicious & 0% guilt

The Expresso Obsessos fit perfectly in my weight loss meal plan. These are scrumptious & filling

Youtopia Snacks
Sally Gordon
A treat that's truly a treat:-)

Hello youtopia!

Loving your healthy, fresh and yummy snacks! When I ordered, I incorrectly assumed that my husband would not be interested! What was I thinking???!!

He loves them which is a. great, as anything healthy and delicious is terrific for both of us; b. they disappear entirely too quickly with two of us now in love with the treats.

Thanks so much for providing us with something that is delicious, just the right size to satisfy, and good for us!



Youtopia Snacks
Natalie Myers
Fantastic snacking!

I love, love, love...did I mention love ...the three snacking options! Each flavor has its own personality! You will be glad that you purchased them. Most importantly, your tummy will thank you. At 130 calories per snack bag, you get lots of snacking punch for your buck while getting optimal benefits. Natural flavors, gluten free and deliciosity!!!

Youtopia Snacks
Valerie Bustamante
More YUM!

Little pillows of YUM mixed with the crunch of great almonds topped off with great tasting coffee beans. What more could one ask for from a snack.

My New Favorite Snack!!

Best snack I've had in a long time. Could not recommend more. My coworkers and I all love it! Low calorie and SO GOOD. I was skeptical at first but there is no question why these are so highly rated! Quenches the sweet tooth or the salty tooth without finding yourself at the bottom of a bag of chips or a carton of ice cream. If I could feed these to you through the screen to convince you, I would. Extra points for fabulous customer service. Love love love!!!!!! You are definitely missing out if you don't try these fabulous little snacks.

Youtopia Snacks
Rachel B.
Perfect Snack for Everyone!

This is everything you want in a snack!
Portion control✅
Satisfaction ✅
Perfect for those on WW or for anyone ✅
Great for kids or Moms or Dads✅
Perfect for most if not all humans with teeth😊

So. Freakin. Good.

These snacks are so freakin good! Some friends and I took them on a camping trip this past weekend and they seriously fueled us. I love all the flavors but am OBSESSED with the honey mustard. Can’t recommend enough!!

Love these snacks...just the right

Love these snacks...just the right size, tasty flavors, & perfect for middle of the day pick me up at work! I signed up for reoccurring shipment. Can't wait to get more!

Great snacks

These are a terrific snack! I love all of the flavors but even though I'm a huge chocolate fan, I think my favorite is the honey mustard. Why? Because the honey mustard is a really unique taste and it's not too salty, unlike most savory snacks.

Youtopia Snacks
Kelsey S.
Variety box

This was my first time trying the Youtopia snacks. I wanted something easy and light, yet have good macros while being busy. This is such a great snack. All around good and I love all of the flavors. Definitely worth trying and I will be ordering again!

Youtopia Snacks
Shelley Z.
Get these Snacks!

Great choice for your daily "second breakfast" snack. Our favorite was the Bananas for Chocolate because it added some variety compared to nuts alone. The Espresso Obsesso was a surprise with a great caffeine kick. My husband particularly like the flavor combos of the So Money Honey Mustard Snacks. Our favorite aspect was the "less sugary" approach of Youtopia snacks and also the fact the snacks weigh in at 130 calories.


These snacks are so good! It's just the right size for a snack! Thank you Youtopia for creating a little gem!

Youtopia Snacks

The best! I am always looking for low smartpoint treats to be able to travel with me, and these are perfect! Plentiful for 4 Smartpoint, and delicious. I have to hide them from my family.

Amazing snacks!

Just started WW again. Thought these looked good so I ordered. Boy was I right! These are absolutley amazing! Would highly recommend! Will definitely reorder.

Youtopia Snacks
Danielle Hake
Our office loves the Honey Mustard!

Thank you for making a healthy, great tasting snack.