FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to make our customers smile and to be as transparent as possible while doing so. If you have any questions about our snacks or policies, please see below for some of the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer to what you're looking for, please shoot us an email at hello@youtopiasnacks.com and a team member will get back to you promptly :)


Where can I buy Youtopia Snacks?

As of right now, we are sold on both on our website as well as on Amazon.


Why isn’t my discount code working?

If you’re having issues with a discount code, please ensure that:

  • The code was entered properly
  • The code hasn’t expired
  • The code is valid for the type of order you're placing (i.e. a code for a subscription cannot be applied to a one-time order)

Still need help? Please email us at hello@youtopiasnacks.com Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST


What is a Youtopia Snacks snack?

Youtopia Snacks are 130-calorie healthy snack mixes. All of our snacks are high protein, low sugar, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

I want to sell Youtopia Snacks at my business. What should I do?

We would love that. Please contact us at wholesale@youtopiasnacks.com and we’ll be in touch promptly.


How many calories are in one Youtopia Snacks snack?

Each of our snacks has 130 calories.

How much protein is in one Youtopia Snacks snack?

Our snacks have between 8g and 9g of protein per pack.

Do Youtopia Snacks contain allergens?

Some of our snacks contain Soy, Almonds, and/or Milk.

How much caffeine does Espresso Obsesso have in it?

Each Espresso Obsesso snack has roughly 20-40mg of caffeine. For comparison’s sake, a typical cup of coffee contains 100-200mg of caffeine.


When will my order arrive?

We do our best to ship out in-stock orders by the next business day. Once your order leaves the fulfillment center, your package should be delivered within 2-5 business days.

How do I track my order?

As soon as your order ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number. In instances where your order ships in more than one box, you'll receive a secondary email that allows you to track multiple packages.

Where do you ship?

We currently only ship within the United States.

Can you ship to a PO box?

Yes, we can.


What is your lost/stolen package policy?

If your package is "lost" (i.e. no shipping progress 7 days after the shipping email is sent, or the package has been stalled for at least 7 days), please send us an email at hello@youtopiasnacks.com so we can investigate.

If your package is marked as “delivered” but is missing, please note that sometimes the carrier services mark packages as "delivered" before actually delivering the package, and sometimes they may accidentally deliver to a neighboring address. If your package was marked as "delivered" and it still has not arrived after 2 days, please submit a missing package claim the appropriate carrier:

USPS: Submit a claim

UPS: Submit a claim

FEDEX: Submit a claim

Please note: we require a claim to be submitted with the appropriate carrier service as the first step in remedying any "delivered but missing" issues. If the carrier is unable to resolve the issue, please reach out to us (attaching your communication with the carrier) so we can work to find a solution.

Please also note that we rely on the carriers to do their job successfully, and once a shipment has left our fulfillment partner's facility, we have no control over the shipping or delivery of your package.


I’d like to return my Youtopia Snacks purchase & have it refunded. What should I do?

If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, please reach out to us at hello@youtopiasnacks.com.

Please note that return/refund requests must be made within 30 days of the delivery date. In addition, there must be no more than 3 snacks missing from each returned package to qualify for a refund.

Refunds and returns are only offered for first-time purchases. Any order after your first is non-refundable. We will refund up to $26.95 on your first order; if you ordered more than that, we will refund up to $26.95 (enough to try all our flavors with our Variety 10-pack), so we recommend you order one 10-pack if it is your first time and you are unsure if you will like it. Refunds and returns are not offered on our "Mystery Pack" item.

The customer pays for the cost of return shipping and processing/handling. Upon returning your snacks for a refund, the cost of the return shipping and processing/handling will be deducted from the final refund amount. The return shipment must be received within 45 days of initial delivery date to qualify for a refund.

See below for how to proceed.

How do I return a box of Youtopia Snacks?

  1. Please contact us at hello@youtopiasnacks.com and we’ll send you a return shipping label.
  2. Securely package your shipment back to us & apply the return shipping label.
  3. We will refund your order upon receipt of the returned product.
  4. Your final refund amount will be the assessed refund amount minus the cost of the return shipping and processing/handling.

Can I exchange a box I purchased for a different one?

We do not allow any exchanges at this time.

What do I do if my snack is defective/damaged?

Our snacks undergo a thorough quality assurance process to make sure they live up to our highest standards. However, if you find a damaged or defective snacks upon arrival, please send a photo of that package to hello@youtopiasnacks.com so that we can see what you see and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

In the case of damages/product defects, we accept returns for a refund on any product purchased from our website up to 30 days after it was delivered.


What products can I subscribe to for auto-delivery?

All of our products except for the Mystery 10-Pack are available for subscription.

How do I start a subscription/auto-delivery?

On each product page there is the option to “Subscribe & Save” – simply select how often you’d like your snack auto-delivered, select the size of box you’d like, and checkout.

Where can I find my subscription details?

You can find all your subscription details under My Account > Manage Subscriptions. Within Manage Subscriptions, you can:

  • Increase/decrease quantity & box size
  • Change the delivery frequency
  • Skip the next delivery
  • Change the delivery address
  • Change your credit card details
  • Swap flavors/products
  • Cancel or pause your subscription

How can I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions can be cancelled in two ways:

  1) Via "Manage Subscriptions" in Your Account

NOTE: If you are unable to login to your account, make sure that you have activated your account. If you've attempted to login using the email used to make your purchase and are still getting an error message when trying to login, please select "Create Account" on the login screen. Once your account has been created, you will have access to the Manage Subscription area.

  2) By emailing us at hello@youtopiasnacks.com and asking us to cancel for you. Please allow for 3 business days after your email has been sent to us for your subscription to be cancelled. If your next order is set to be processed within 3 business days after emailing us, the most timely way to cancel your subscription is to do so yourself from within your Account. If you choose to email us to cancel your subscription and your next order is within the next 3 business days, and if we are unable to process your request before your next order ships, you will still be charged for that order, as we need 3 business days to process your request via email.

NOTE: Weekends are NOT included in the 3 business days needed to cancel your order via email. If you email us on a Friday (or over the weekend) and have an order set to process over the weekend, your order will still process. We need a grace period of 3 business days before your next order is set to process to cancel your subscription. Again, if it's urgent, you can always cancel your subscription yourself from you Account, which will take effect immediately.

Can I group my subscriptions in one order?

Yes. However, if you happen to have two different subscriptions going at the same time, please contact us at hello@youtopiasnacks.com for assistance combining them.

Will I get email notifications?

You will receive email notifications from us when:

  • Your order has been processed
  • Your order has shipped
  • Your order has been delivered
  • Your order has been cancelled and/or refunded
  • You cancel your subscription order
  • The order failed (because the credit card is expired/over the limit/been cancelled)
  • Your card is about to expire and the details need to be updated


hello@youtopiasnacks.com   | p: 805-910-7321

Our hours of operation are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PT; however, we sometimes burn the midnight oil and will get back to you outside those hours😃.

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