5 best Weight Watchers recipes to take you from morning to evening

One of the most challenging aspects of weight loss is just figuring out what to eat every day. 

Thankfully, if you're on Weight Watchers, the program offers lots of guidance and a robust directory of recipes to incorporate into your weight loss plan.

Here, we rounded up our favorite WW recipe for breakfast, WW recipe for lunch, WW recipe for snacks, WW recipe for dinner, and last, but certainly not least, WW recipe for dessert. 

Using whole ingredients, twists on tried-and-true ingredient pairings, and a balanced nutrient profile, these easy Weight Watchers recipes will be a hit in your kitchen. Try the following recipes and let us know what you think! If you have any favorites, let us know. 


Gruyère and spinach breakfast rolls (5 PersonalPoints per serving) 


There are so many reasons we love these breakfast rolls. They don't take long to prep and they feature ingredients you probably already have in your fridge (including store-bought dough — don't worry, we weren't going to have you make dough from scratch). Plus, this recipe makes enough rolls to freeze for later in the week or month. 

Get the recipe here

Watch our quick recipe reel to see how to make it


Spring chicken soup with veggies & quinoa (0-4 PersonalPoints per serving)

Whatever the season, a fresh clear broth soup always hits the spot. We know it can be hard to fit in lunch during a busy day but this recipe only takes 25 minutes total to make. The WW site recommends adding some crackers on the side for some crunch, but we have a feeling So Money Honey Mustard snacks would also pair perfectly with this refreshing soup.  

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Chewy popcorn granola bars (3-4 PersonalPoints per serving) 

Popcorn's a classic afternoon snack. So are granola bars. So why not combine these two favorites into one delicious and convenient bar? Again, like with the breakfast rolls, you just need one prep sesh to make an entire batch to last you for days. 

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Grilled pork chop with warm pineapple slaw (5-6 PersonalPoints per serving) 

We love pork chops because they're easy to cook and lean, but oh so satisfying. This recipe's for our pineapple pizza fans: the cooked pineapple provides a nice texture and acidity contrast to the pork. If you have leftovers or make extra, we recommend turning them into a sandwich for lunch tomorrow. 

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Strawberry sherbet (4 PersonalPoints per serving)

In our opinion, the day's not over until we've had a sweet treat. You can keep dessert healthy by having fruit, but that doesn't mean you can't make it fun. Make this sherbet with or without an ice cream maker.  

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