5 Easy Tips for a Healthier You

For most people, getting healthier is on the top of their list. Being in good physical shape and living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to make big life changes overnight. That can be frightening and intimidating (eek!).

Here are our favorite ways that anyone AND everyone can do to get healthier right away. No big life altering changes needed!

Tip #1: Choose To Move

Our advice is simple. Get moving! It doesn’t necessarily mean a 21 day workout or a trendy 30 day cleanse plan with the latest juice fad. Keep it simple. Try taking the flight of steps instead of the elevator into work. An extra step or two are more steps closer to a healthier you!

Get your circulation flowing by giving yourself a goooood stretch. Without proper circulation, the nerves in the feet and toes don’t work properly. That pain can go on to cause pain in the hips and back. So bend down and touch your toes to keep those nerves healthy. Go on…we will wait here!

Our Advice:

Pick up a fitness tracker to keep better tabs on your daily movement!

Tip #2: Be Phone Smart

It seems that the phones hold the power these days. It’s true! Have a question? Search for the answer using your phone. What’s the weather? Ask Google. Our phones seem to be always there for us and everywhere with us…we mean everywhere: In the bottom of your gym bag, next to your half eaten lunch from Tuesday, and even in the bathroom (gross!).  

With the constant swiping and phone calls, your screen is a breeding ground for germs. Holding the phone up to your face for important business calls can cause painful face breakouts from the dirt and oils from your screen. Be sure to give your phone a wipe with antibiotic wipes often.

Bonus Tip:

Turn the volume off on your phone or switch on the “do not disturb” feature for a healthier, blissful sleep. Constant noise notifications from emails and texts are interruptions and interruptions on your much-needed beauty sleep.

Tip #3: Keep Clean

That’s right, keep it clean. In addition to taking daily showers to clean hair and skin, always be sure do to your laundry - and do it often! Odor can cling onto clothing and can harbor microorganisms...ew!

Wash your sheets and pillowcases weekly in hot water. Allergy-causing dust mites love to lounge along side you in bed, so wave them “bye bye” in some hot, sudsy water. Mildew and mold enjoy damp environments so make sure those linins are dried well and stored. While you are at it, remind yourself to dust and sanitize your living space frequently to wipe away cold and flu causing bacteria. Easy peasy!

Tip #4: Protect Those Pearly Whites

Have you eaten something hot or cold recently and felt a sharp, uncomfortable pain on the side of your mouth? Ouch! It may be time to make an appointment to see your dentist. Regular dental visits are essential to help your gums and teeth stay healthy. Did you know that it’s recommended that you visit the dentist every six months? Hey, it’ not so bad, promise! In the meantime, here are ways to get your smile in tiptop, healthy shape:

1. Brush and floss daily.

2. Don’t smoke or chew tobacco…ever!

3. Monitor changes in your mouth such as bleeding gums or pain.

4. Avoid food and beverages that stain teeth.

5. Change your toothbrush frequently.

Pro Tip:

Ditch that traditional manual toothbrush that is notorious for missing crucial areas on your teeth and upgrade to a soniccare brush that polishes those pearly whites - just like your dear ol’ doc can do (we LOVE this sonic toothbrush + waterpik combo).

Tip #5: Smart Snacking

No crash diets needed here. When you're craving something sweet, swap out your favorite sugar-filled candy bars for a healthy treat. Small changes all add up and can make a difference. Snacks like Youtopia Snacks are designed to combat hunger and satisfy cravings. Keep them in your bag, in the car, or in your nightstand (shh, we won’t tell!)

Pro Tip:

Try to find 2-3 pre-vetted snacks that you know are portion-controlled and have solid macros, so that when you're in a rush, the work is already done for you!


Sounds easy right? Give these easy tips a try and you will be on your way to a stronger and happier you!

If you're interested in trying out snacks which were specifically designed around the macronutrient ratio that dietitians recommend, take a look at these delicious snacks which are high in protein, low in sugar, and full of healthy fats.