The Top 10 Weight Watchers Snacks Not Sold by WW

If you’ve paid attention to diet trends over the past few decades, you are no doubt familiar with Weight Watchers. The company is now called WW, but the Weight Watchers brand name is so synonymous with weight loss that thousands of snacks are categorized by their Smart Points system.

While you shouldn’t base your entire diet around WW points, it’s a great place to start. A low point snack is going to be low in calories, and it can be a great way to make sure your snacking is under control. We’ve put together a list of our favorite Weight Watchers snacks that aren’t made by the brand itself.


While not all snacks with low Weight Watchers points are actually good for you, Youtopia Snacks offer you a well balanced macro profile (high protein, low sugar, low carb) in a low point package. Each flavor is only 4 points per package, and the Smart Point value is even on the back of the package itself!

Popchips are a great alternative to traditional potato chips. Not only are they delicious, but since they aren’t fried, you get a lot more volume for your calories. There are only 3 Smart Points points per 23 gram bag, so you can snack without fear.

The great thing about Greek yogurt is that you get the protein and substance you need to get you through the day, but if it’s fat free, you don’t have to add any points. Fage’s Total 0% Greek Yogurt is one of our favorite options.

If you’re still craving something salty, The Corn One variety from Good Thins is an excellent gluten free option. They’re also low fat, so their WW score is a minuscule 1 point for 17 chips.

This is another example of portion control saving the day. Popcorn in general is a great low calorie bag, but having a quick and delicious pre-made option like Skinny Pop is fantastic. At 3 points per bag, this is an excellent Weight Watchers snack.

We all love Ritz crackers, but they don’t always love us. Their Crisp & Thins line is a baked alternative that will give you that salty crunch you’re craving, but they only have 4 points for 21 crackers.

Cheese can be a great snack to get you through the day, but it’s too easy to overeat. That’s why we love mini portion sizes like these low fat options from Babybel. One of these cheeses has just a single WW point.

We love chickpeas, and we love these roasted chickpeas from Biena. They’re an easy snack to keep on hand, and they’re just delicious. Plus, 1/4th of a cup only clocks in at 4 points.

These organic Cheez-It alternatives from Annie’s are a great snack option. 27 crackers will only count for 4 points.

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, the key is portion control. KIND makes it easy with their Minis line. While their nutrition varies from flavor to flavor, they’re all going to come in at 4 points per bar.


WW points are a great place to start, but no matter what you eat, well-balanced macros and smart portions are the key to a healthy diet. Youtopia makes that easy. We crunch all of the numbers, so whether you’re looking for a good Weight Watchers snack or a flavor boost in your day, we have your back.