The Top 10 Weight Watchers Snacks Not Sold by WW

Chances are if you've paid attention to any diet trends over the past few decades, you’re already familiar with Weight Watchers and how their WW Smart Points system works.  

The brand name, now simply called WW, is so synonymous with weight loss that thousands of snacks worldwide are categorized by their Smart Points system.

While Weight Watchers offers its own branded snacks, not all of them hit the mark. So, we decided to put together a list of WW friendly snacks that we love that aren't made by Weight Watchers itself.

What is the Weight Watchers Smart Point System?

If you are not familiar with how the point system works, it’s rather simple: you are assigned a total “point budget” based on your age, height, body type, and some other personalized factors. These point budgets are geared towards helping you lose weight and keep snacking under control.

A low point snack will be low in calories, establishing a baseline of points to start. How many healthy macros – such as protein – are in a snack, lowers the point value. Likewise, snacks that contain higher amounts of sugar and saturated fats will have a higher point value.

The point of this system is to encourage healthy eating by limiting the bad fats and sugars that you are ingesting daily and raising the amount of healthy fats, proteins, and complex carbs that you consume.

While the WW points system is beneficial, there are drawbacks to the plan. For instance, if you want to easily track the snacks you are enjoying in their system, you must purchase Weight Watchers brand snacks.

Purchase only from a single brand? That limits your options greatly when the world of snacking is wide open with healthy options.

Once you stop spending big brand dollars and support smaller snack manufacturers, you’ll be in for a flavorful treat!

In this article, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Weight Watchers snacks that aren’t made by WW themselves but would qualify as a low point snack to help keep you on track.

This is a great reference guide for you if you are looking to add different flavors into your diet and keep yourself on track. Alternatively, if you’re just looking for the best low-calorie snacks that make great guilt-free delights, then you’re in the right place.

What's the Best Snack for Weight Loss?

There are too many snack choices available on the market to decide on a single snack, and personal preference can weigh heavily in the decision process. In this article, we did our best to select snacking options from a variety of flavors, textures, and dietary needs, including gluten-free and organic options.

The team at Youtopia Snacks aims to provide the best snack experience no matter the time of day or situation. If you’re happy with your dietary changes, you’re more likely to stick with your diet longer.  

The best snack for weight loss is one that meets several criteria:

  • Low in calories.

This establishes the point-system baseline, but it’s also an excellent baseline to start looking for healthier snacking options. A good rule of thumb for calories any given snack is 200-300, unless you're particularly active, in which case, you may need something closer to 400-500 calories. For most, if you’re following Weight Watchers, the low end of the spectrum will be more likely to be a low point snack.

  • Healthy fats, proteins, or complex (not refined) carbs.

The best low-calorie snacks will have at least one of these key macros to keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day. These keep your body fueled and running at optimal performance. Of course, there are healthy and unhealthy versions of these macros. Unhealthy fats, like saturated fats, should be avoided, but monounsaturated fats, like the fat found in fish oil, are healthy and helps keep your body running and your mind clear. Complex carbs, like whole grains, are also great for keeping you full, as it take your body longer to break them down compared to unhealthy refined (aka "simple") carbs.

  • Bonus: high in fiber or water

Snacks that are high in fiber or water content can help you feel full faster and longer, curbing cravings. Likewise, taking more time to eat can also help you curb cravings, as your body has more time to process how it feels between each delicious bite.

If a snack fits all of these, then congratulations, you’ve found a snack that can satisfy your cravings without the guilt of over-eating or spending too much of your WW points on a single item. The key to success in any diet is forming sustainable habits without feelings of guilt or missing out.


The snacks we list below are some of our favorite Weight Watchers snacks that can be enjoyed while following the Smart Points system.

These are some of the best low-calorie snacks and low-fat snacks we’ve found in our search, and we’re bringing them into the spotlight for you to enjoy, complete with how many WW points they’ll cost, helping keep you on track and on budget.

While not all snacks with low Weight Watchers points are actually good for you, Youtopia Snacks offer you a well balanced macro profile (high protein, low sugar, low carb) in a low point package. Each flavor is only 4 points per package, and the Smart Point value is even on the back of the package itself! They're also portion controlled to avoid over-snacking, and are shelf stable so they make for excellent travel snacks or office snacks.

We love chickpeas, and we'd bet that you will too. We are big fans of these roasted chickpea snacks from Biena, making excellent Weight Watchers snacks at just 4 points per ¼th cup of chickpeas. They’re easy to keep on hand, don’t require refrigeration, and are undoubtedly delicious.

Popchips are an excellent alternative to traditional potato chips, full of flavorful crunch. Not only are they delicious, but they aren’t fried, meaning you get a lot more volume for your calories. These chips are only 3 Smart Points per 23-gram bag, allowing you to snack without fear.

Plain Greek yogurt is an excellent choice for healthy snacking, and this is one of the top low-fat snacks in the list. You get all of the protein and substance you need to get you through the day, but if you’re enjoying the fat-free version, you don’t have to add any points to your daily Smart Points budget. Keep your gut healthy with this Weight Watchers snack alternative.

Craving something salty? The Corn One variety from Good Thins is an excellent gluten-free option and is one of our favorite low-fat snacks. Their WW score is a minuscule 1 point for 17 chips. Wow! Talk about great value for the crunch. These are great for portion-controlled snacking.

Skinny Pop brings an excellent snacking option to the table with their 100-calorie gluten-free bags, showing how important portion control is for saving the day. Popcorn is one of the best low-calorie snacks you can choose as is, but Skinny Pop has made it even easier to enjoy with a delicious pre-made option. This is a great Weight Watchers snack at just 3 points per 100-calorie bag.

We all love the crunch that comes with Ritz crackers, but it’s hard to justify these buttery crackers on any normal diet. To help alleviate some of the guilt, Ritz has come out with a Crisp & Thins line of crackers, which are an excellent baked alternative that will give you the salty crunch you are craving. These crackers only have 4 WW points for 21 crackers.

Cheese is a great snack that can get you through the day, but it’s too easy to over-eat. That’s why we love these mini-portion sizes from Babybel, making it easy to enjoy low-fat snacks anytime. One of these delicious mini-wedges has just a single WW point and often comes in packs of 6 or more. These are a great snack to pack in your lunch or bring on the go.

Annie’s has given the world a great option for organic, low-fat snacks. As an alternative to Cheez-Its, these pack all the delicious punch of the original snack while only counting for 4 points per 27 crackers. This snack is one of our favorites, giving you all the flavor you want in a resealable pack that doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing out.

If you’re looking for a way to satisfy your sweet tooth without over-indulging or spending too many WW points, the key is in portion control. KIND makes portion control easy with their Minis line, with just 4 points per bar, no matter the flavor. The nutritional content may vary depending on the flavor, but it makes it a perfect option for sneaking in a sweet treat.

Do I Need Snacks Sold by WW?

While Weight Watchers does a great job of providing an easy answer for those following the WW points system, you do not need to purchase snacks only from their brand.

With a little help, you can figure out how many points you’re spending on any given snack. These Weight Watchers snack alternatives are great for staying on track without sacrificing quality or flavor.

While the WW app has a handy barcode scanner that can help you track the number of Smart Points any given product takes, it’s worth taking a look at the packaging of non-WW branded snacks as well.

Several snacks listed in this article, such our own Youtopia Snacks, even have the number of Smart Points on the back of the packaging, making it easier for you to reference and stay within your daily budget of WW points.

Picking a Snack to Satisfy Every Craving

The best snack is one that you can keep on hand and will satisfy every craving you have, whether it’s salty, sweet, or spicy.

Of course, this can be difficult since these flavors aren’t always compatible with each other. The easy answer is in purchasing a variety pack, but how do you know if you’re getting a good deal?

Most healthy snacks out there are still out of tune with the WW points system, which makes it frustrating to keep track of your daily snack point budget and stay on board with your diet.

Guilt can ruin a good snack, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavor or texture for a healthier alternative.

This is where Youtopia Snacks comes in: each flavorful bag is full of guilt-less flavor options that satisfy a variety of cravings with three healthy snack options to choose from. Each pack is easy to take on the go, with its small, perfect portion-controlled size and deliciously satisfying nutritional content.

Choose from three popular flavors to satisfy every type of craving, no matter if you’re on the go, at work, or enjoying a snack to tide you over between meals.  


The WW points system is a great place to start, but no matter what you eat, it’s important to remember that well-balanced macros and smart portions are the key factors in maintaining a healthy diet. The perfect system for curbing cravings does not exist, and you will only find the most success with weight loss when you are eating smart and satisfying your body’s macronutrient needs.

Whether you’re looking for a good Weight Watchers snack or a flavor boost during the day, we've got your back :)