5 Habits at the Heart of Being Healthy

We all want to be healthiest we can be. From balancing diets to fitting just ooone more sit up in your exercise routine, staying on the healthier side of life takes work work work.

But after a while, all that work becomes habit, and doesn't feel like "work" as much. All efforts can add up for a healthier you. Improving your health can be easier than you thought! Here’s the secret scoop:

Habit #1: Get Your ZZZ's

Sleep plays an absolutely vital role in our health. Getting a good night's rest helps keep the immune system strong and the germ causing sicknesses away. Taking it easy helps lower stress levels, keeping you calm and cool.

When you are deprived of sleep, your brain gets drained. Sleep deprivation brings on forgetfulness and exhaustion to the rest of your body. Always make some time to catch up on some z’s!

Habit #2: Move a lil bit more

Of course it’s no secret that exercising is wonderful for the body. It gets the blood flowing, strengths muscles, and helps burn calories to keep waistlines trim. Exercise takes dedicated time and if you are like most working Americans that have a 9-5 job, the last thought on your mind is to spend hours at the gym on a step machine. And that is ok!

Get your body moving no matter where you are. Here are some ways how!

1. Walk to your car just a tad bit faster in the morning.

2. Get dancing when on a conference call.

3. Take the stairs when you can (who needs a crowded elevator anyway!)

4. Enjoy a walking lunch.

5. Clean your home.

Habit #3: Be mindful of what you eat

What we eat daily is linked with how to physically feel. It’s true! They go hand and hand. Eating too much processed foods and added sugars can make the body feel inflamed and groggy. Sugar found in pies, ice cream, and cookies looove to take over your body and make you feel lousy. No fun.

Make sure you take in a variety of fruits and veggies everyday. If you are in a hurry (hey, we all are!) chop up some fresh peppers, cucumbers, and celery in the beginning of the week and place them in individual snack bags and there you have it…healthy snackies for the week! Have a goal of consuming 5 servings of vegetables a day and you will be on the road to feeling grrreat!

Habit #4: Drink water

Drinking water helps maintain the proper balance of body fluids. Did you know that your body is made up of 60% of water? The brain is made of 95% water, your lungs are 90%, and blood is 82% made up of H20. No wonder why water is essential to health…and survival!

Drinking water can help your calorie control. Swapping out high calorie beverages and sodas for water is the healthier choice. Your intake of water energizes muscles, keeps your skin hydrated, and is very helpful in aiding smooth digestion.

Keep your glass full with these tips:

1. Have a glass of water with every meal or snack.

2. Always keep a bottle of water near your desk or in your car.

3. Add some flavor to it - grab some lemon or lime juice, or even a "water enhancer" to add some variety to your water routine!

4. Try this bottle that measures how much water you've had.

5. Eat more fruist & veggies - they're actually packed with water!

Habit #5: Smile

That’s right, smile and let the sun shine in. Studies have shown that a positive attitude contributes to a healthier immune system. Flashing your pearly whites can also temporally lower your blood pressure, reduces stress, and relaxes the body-ahhh. No matter how the going may get tough, focus on the positive. You can do it!

Did you know? Laughing sends more oxygen to the brain and triggers happy brain chemicals called endorphins!


There you have it! Embrace these 5 habits and your healthy living journey will become a LOT easier :)

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