Beware of These "Healthy" Snacks ;)

If you walk into any grocery store, you will see plenty of foods marketed as healthy snacks or meals. Some use buzzwords like “keto” or “heart healthy,” while others rely on highlighting the high protein content or all natural ingredients. However, this marketing isn’t always honest. That bar with 15 grams of protein may have 20 grams of sugar. That jerky may be keto-friendly, but it’s also loaded with sodium and not-so-healthy fats.

At Youtopia, we have a well-rounded approach to snacking that doesn’t sacrifice one macro to pump up another. We’ve put together some of the worst offenders in the healthy snack market so you can make smarter choices and live a healthier life.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping a protein bar on hand for a quick boost. In fact, even the sugary ones are great for recovering after a hard workout. But when you market something as a health product, that means it should be healthy no matter when you eat it!

A lot of protein bars make up for the unpleasant taste of protein concentrate by throwing in way too much sugar.

Pro Tip: When shopping, look for lower carb alternatives and bars that get a major portion of their nutrients from whole foods.


Juices fall short in the same way. Sure you’re getting vitamins, but you’re also getting a ton of sugar. Fruit sugar is a lot healthier than the processed stuff, but a lot of that stems from the great fiber you get from the fruit itself. When you juice it, you’re getting all of the sugar and none of the fiber.

Pro Tip: Look for juices that focus on vegetables. Celery makes a great juice base that doesn’t overpower the fruit flavors you’re craving.


You probably didn’t expect to see salads on a list of faux healthy snacks, but not all salads are created equally. First, take a look at the base. Is it dark, leafy greens like spinach and arugula, or is it iceberg lettuce? Most stores use the latter because it’s cheap, but it lacks a lot of the nutrients of other greens, which is why we’re eating them in the first place.

Next, look at the toppings. Is it drowned in a high fat dressing and covered in cheese and croutons? Skip that one. Opt for a vinaigrette. You can still enjoy your favorite toppings, but go easy on the croutons.


This one may be another shocker. Potato chip alternatives made out of everything from snap peas to beets are incredibly popular right now. They’re a healthier alternative to Lays, but they’re still fried in fat and covered in salt.

The real solution here is portion control. Or better yet, when you’re craving something salty and crispy, bake your own chips at home. You can control the sodium and use healthier oils.


While turkey bacon isn’t the reigning health food champ it used to be, it’s still generally considered a healthier alternative to pork products. While that is true, that doesn’t mean that turkey bacon isn’t still loaded with salt and preservatives. You will save some calories with this lower-fat food, but that’s about it.

There’s no perfect way to replace bacon, because the reasons we crave it are the reasons it’s bad for us. However, you can try recipes like coconut or shiitake bacon to add a crispy, smokey flavor to your sandwiches and salads.


In reality, the key to healthy snacking is moderation. That’s why we here at Youtopia take care of the portion control for you. Our snacks all have a balanced macro profile, and every pack is portion-controlled at 130 calories. Steer clear from foods that make bold promises, and stick with ones that just help you snack better.

If you're interested in trying out snacks which were specifically designed around the macronutrient ratio that dietitians recommend, take a look at these healthy low-calorie snacks which are high in protein, low in sugar, and full of healthy fats.