The Best Travel Snacks You Didn't Know You Needed

Sticking to your diet while you’re traveling can be hard. Between gas station junk and fast food restaurants, it can be easy to cave into convenience. Of course there are healthier options at most restaurants these days, but the smaller portion sizes often leave a lot to be desired.

Whether you are on a plane or on the road, it’s important to have healthy travel snacks on hand to fight temptation. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite snacks that are easy to throw in a backpack for when hunger strikes.


We all love a good snack mix, but most brands don’t take the nutrition of their product seriously. Youtopia Snacks, on the other hand, offers perfect portions and well balanced macros without skimping on flavor. Keep a few in your backpack while you’re on the go to make sure you’re never caught off guard!

Chips are most people’s go-to travel snack. That’s why it’s so important to find chips that are not only better for you, such as baked alternatives, but actually add some nutrition. PopCorners’ Flex line does just that. Every serving has 10 grams of protein to keep you full and moving through your trip.

Protein shakes are a great way to boost your macros and keep yourself full through a long trip. Most powders are pretty low in sugar, but when it comes to premade shakes, that’s not always the case. That’s why we love Vega’s shakes. At only 7 grams of sugar vs 20 grams of protein, this is a great snack to keep you in line.

Dried fruit can be really hit or miss. Most manufacturers throw in a ton of added sugar. We all know that your body reacts differently to fruit sugars, but that doesn’t apply to the cane sugar dumped on top of the fruit. Made In Nature’s dried mangoes have zero added sugar, so you get all of the good stuff with none of the bad.

There should be no question that we love yogurt around here, but we can’t pretend that bringing a spoon and sitting down with a cup is a great option for travelers. That’s where drinkable yogurt comes into play. Siggi’s drinkable line isn’t quite as healthy as their normal yogurt, but you still get the protein and the live cultures that make for a healthy stomach.

Edamame are a great snack. They’re high in protein and fiber, and they taste great. However, eating fresh veggies isn’t too easy when you’re traveling. Edamame snacks like the Cruncha Ma-Me give you the convenience of a bag of chips with the nutrition of the edamame.

If you keep a keto or paleo diet, eating on the road is even harder. That’s why it’s important to keep some easy to eat meat on hand. While a lot of beef sticks are packed with chemicals, Mighty Organic keeps it simple. Get a quick protein boost so you don’t cave between meals.

Hippeas are a healthier and plant-based alternative to Cheetos. The next time you’re craving something cheesy and crunchy, reach for these instead. Each serving sneaks in some protein and fiber to make your snack work for you.

BE PREPARED (the easy way!)

We say this a lot around Youtopia, but it bears repeating: The key to healthy snacking is having the right things on hand. That means if you know you’re going to be on a plane for six hours, throw a couple Espresso Obsessos in your backpack. Whether they’re travel snacks or office snacks, we’re here to make healthy snacking easy.