The Best Diabetic Friendly Snacks that Actually Taste Amazing

If you’re diabetic, finding snacks that fit your diet can be a pain. It’s even harder to find diabetic friendly snacks that don’t taste like fake sugar. Obviously the best solution is a whole foods diet that’s low in simple carbs, but that’s not always realistic.

We know how important it is to have healthy snacks on hand, and trust us, we know snacks. That’s why we put together a list of diabetic friendly snacks that actually taste good.


We couldn’t start this list without repping our own diabetic-friendly snacks. All of our flavors are low-sugar, with our So Money Honey Mustard flavor coming in at just 2g of sugar paired with 9g of protein and 4g of fiber! Our two sweet options, Espresso Obsesso and Bananas for Chocolate, each only have 6g of sugar to go along with 8g of protein.

In our customers words: "I have type 2 diabetes and it’s hard to find appropriate snacks that are also delicious. I absolutely LOVE Youtopia snacks.”


These jicama snack sticks from Jica Foods are a great healthy choice. With 6 grams of prebiotic fiber and only 2 grams of sugar, this is a low carb snack that utilizes fantastic flavor combos like chili or cilantro lime.

Sometimes you’re craving something old fashioned and sweet. That’s where companies like See’s Candies come in. They have several sugar free options, but their peanut brittle takes the cake.

Craving some cookies? Well diabetic friendly snacks have come a long way since the days of sugar free Oreo knock-offs. HighKey’s mini chocolate chip cookies are keto-friendly, gluten and grain free, and they only have a single gram of sugar.

Trail mixes are a great snack to keep around the office, but a lot of brands cram in dried fruit with added sugar or candy pieces. This mix from Thrive Market, on the other hand, only has one gram of sugar.

These cupcakes from the Smart Baking Company are an excellent sugar free treat. Not only are they sugar free, but they even pack in 4 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. They are even gluten free! That takes these to the next level of nutrition.

Lesser Evil makes a variety of gluten free products, and most of them are also incredibly low sugar. Their “No Cheese” Cheesiness flavored popcorn, for example, has less than one gram of sugar per serving. With 4 grams of fiber, this is an excellent snack choice, whether you’re diabetic or not.

Smart Sweets reigns supreme in the low sugar candy world. If you’re looking for a gummy, diabetic friendly snack, this is for you. Their peach rings only have 3 grams of sugar per serving. They also have a variety of sour gummies and gummy bears.

No Sugar? No Problem!

We know healthy snacking, and what we know for sure is that the key to healthy snacking is keeping the right things on hand. While diabetic friendly snacks can be hard to come by, there are plenty of delicious options out there. Whether it’s one of our mixes or some sugar free baked goods, low sugar snacking doesn’t have to be a pain.