3 Tips For Avoiding That 2:30 Slump

So you've had a productive morning. Your deadline was made in the nick of time and you're all caught up on emails. Now you're fighting that Instagram urge while letting out that one. slow. yawn. Maybe it’s that late night binge watching that's finally catching up to you. Maybe it’s the dreaded afternoon slump.

We’ve all been there. This so called “slump” is actually the body’s natural sleep signals kicking in. They peak at nighttime and 2:30pm... aka right smack in middle of your day! Add gazing at your computer screen all morning and you've got a recipe for a SNOOZE fest. Luckily, there are ways to avoid that slump so you can keep your eyelids up while holding. it. down.

Tip #1: Step Outside

Have 5 minutes? Spend some time outdoors. Avoid eyestrain during this time. That means leaving the cell phone behind too - if you dare! Moving away from your workspace for some fresh air can help recharge your batteries and mood too. Take a few moments to close your eyes and smell the roses (literally!).

Try this simple breathing technique: Inhale through your nose and count to four. Then exhale though your nose and count to four. This can help calm the nervous system, reduces stress, and increases much needed focus.

Pro Tip! In back-to-back meetings? Suggest taking the meeting outdoors or invite your colleagues for a brief outdoorsy break.

Tip #2: Turn On Some Tunes

If you're tied to your desk all afternoon, put in your ear buds and turn up the volume to your favorite play list. While the music washes over you, rearrange your desk and update your to do list (We're all guilty of pushing that off!).

Add some light stretches to get the blood flowing again. Give this office friendly stretch a try: Interlock your fingers and reach towards the ceiling as high as you can, keeping your palms facing up. Then bend side to side for a healthy strreeretch!

This small little reset will help uplift your afternoon AND your desk may actually look better afterwards too. It’s a win, win!

Tip #3: Grab A Snack

There are still few hours before dinnertime, and lunch is long gone. Have a hankering for a mid day snack? Reach for a treat to help give you a boost. Avoid that 3rd cup of coffee you've been eyeing, say “no” to the vending machine’s sugary offerings, and pass on Bob’s surprise birthday donuts (You can do it!).

Instead, opt for a protein-packed bite loaded with fuel for the second half the day. We offer 3 delicious, irresistible flavor combinations that'll have you rearing to go the rest of the day! Soon to be your afternoon secret weapon, keep these guilt-free treats stocked in your desk drawer so that when the going gets tough, you've got a sure-fire smile waiting for you a few bites away :)


There you have it! Of course, our list can go on and on but these are our go-to tips.

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