Peanuts vs Chickpeas: Which Are Better For You?

Peanuts and chickpeas are well-known sources of plant-based proteins. We all know about the importance of protein…it’s the building block of life! Every cell in the human body contains protein and your body uses it to repair tissue. It’s also used to keep bones and muscles strong (Grr!). When it comes to the peanut and the chickpea, which one packs more of a protein punch? Let’s find out!


If you are ever in need of a filling snack, you can always count on peanuts to munch on! Crunchy and delicious, they are packed with heart-healthy fats (don’t worry, they’re the good kind!) AND are low in carbohydrates. In addition to protein, peanuts are filled with other goodies that your body will love, too! Just a handful of peanuts a day provides recommended levels of many minerals, vitamins, and protein. Sweet deal!

Did you know? Peanuts are not actually nuts, they are legumes and related to beans and soy.

Nutritional Facts:

Per cup of peanuts:

  • Fiber: 12g

  • Protein: 38g

  • Minerals: Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin B6, Calcium, and Magnesium

  • Total Fat: 72g

  • Total Calories: 828




Chickpeas have been around for over 7,000 years and are one of the most popular crops in the world today! Toss them in salads or saute them in some oil, there is no doubt that they are versatile and nutritious. Also called garbanzo beans, chickpeas help control blood sugar levels, helps digestion (thanks to the high fiber content), aaand help curb food cravings-talk about a win, win, WIN!

Did you know? The chickpea isn’t a pea, it’s a legume-just like the peanut!

Nutritional Facts:
Per cup of chickpeas:

  • Fiber: 35g
  • Protein:39g
  • Minerals:  Calcium, Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin B6, Magnesium
  • Total Fat: 12g
  • Total Calories: 729

The Verdict:

Ding, ding, ding! The mighty chickpea is crowned the winner! Although both peanuts and chickpeas pack almost equal amounts of protein, chickpeas are lower in fat and richer in fiber. Peanuts are higher in calories and if you are a calorie counter, the chickpea may be the legume for you. Woo-hoo!

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