Food shopping: We all have to do it, but most of us can be doing it smarter :) Time after time we walk aimlessly around the aisles, loading the cart up with cravings, opening a big bag of chips to munch on, and being stuck with a large bill at the register-Ahh! What went wrong?

If extreme couponing isn’t your forte and you don’t have a personal shopper at your beck and call, it’s time to revamp your shopping tactic. Ready for the how-to? Let’s go!


While it’s tempting, don’t feel that you need to fill your shopping cart. Just need the basics? Grab a mini cart or a basket whenever you can. Also remember to bring reusable tote bags and fill only the ones that you can carry out yourself after check out. This way you will be sure that you are buying what you need- all while saving the environment too!

Pro Tip! Shop the perimeter of the grocery store first. That's where you'll find all the basics: fruit, vegetables, dairy, and meats. Once you get the necessities, you're basket will be more full, meaning less room for junk food at the end of the trip.


Make it a priority to be better organized when you're shopping for groceries. Create a meal plan for the week, take inventory of what you already have in your refrigerator, and prepare a shopping list prior to your journey. That means jotting down items on a piece of paper or on your phone. Resist buying items not on your list and be familiar with your budget.

Eat Prior - Shopping for food on a full stomach (after a meal or a quick snack… Youtopia Snacks anyone? :)). Browsing the market with your stomach rather than your eyes is a recipe for disaster on your budget…not to mention a risk for that belt-line! Avoid trying any free samples the store offers. We know, it’s tempting.

Download Apps - Many food stores have apps available for download and the power is yours ALL YOURS. It’s true! With these apps, virtual coupons can be clipped ahead of time (saving you time and money. Score!) You can also see exclusive sales and review recipes to try.  

Super Pro Tip! Come armed with your ear buds and listen to some upbeat music. This will help you shop at a brisker pace to get your shopping done in no time. Make the aisle your runway, no wasted time here!


Let your mouse do all the shopping! Many supermarkets now offer online ordering where you can actually pre-order groceries from the comfort of home (or office) and pick up curbside OR select home delivery. That means ordering your weekly food via website and having them delivered in time for dinner! Talk about a time saver.

There you have it. Be more mindful of the grocery store itself and what your needs really are AND you will be on your way to improved shopping! Drop us a line in the comments below your tips on how you shop smarter. We’d love to hear ‘em!

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